Skimbo Tatenda Matika who was assaulted by Squanda Sandra Gazi and her thugs appeared in Chitungwiza court today with three of his attackers .His ‘wounds” were being assessed .The other two men were denying the charges.One was sort of admitting.

skimboMeanwhile Lady Squanda has apologised to Skimbo zisi regondo and his fans

stabiliserA Skimbo fan called Chindindimutigwi is seen in the video retaliating


As the fracas ensued HRDV had a discussion with Lady Squanda

(1) Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression

[17/07 12:17 pm] HRDV: A very good morning to you Lady Squanda.This is Sisi Vee.I write stories.May you please enlighten me about what transpired until you assaulted a said Skimbo in the car where you are forcing him to lick under your foot too .Your response will be greatly appreciated.

[17/07 10:02 pm] +263 77 Lady Squanda Direct: Kkkkk azhet we are in good books wena

[17/07 10:02 pm] +263 77 Lady Squanda Direct: Jus like pandakambonzindafa paye nothing personal tirikizivana na abraskimbo

[17/07 10:10 pm] HRDV: But muchizivana zvekurovana nekunanzvisana pasi petsoka here sisi?

[17/07 10:13 pm] HRDV: I love your music especially that wedding one Leornard Mapfumo and was really hurt to see such kind of behaviour from you.

[18/07 6:14 am] +263 77 Lady Squanda Direct: Its ok sis vee jus dont judge mi ko wani pandainzi ndaba ma pent u neva said anything wani

[18/07 6:15 am] +263 77 Lady Squanda Direct: Why were u not hurt pandakanzi ndabamapent na abraskimbo?

[18/07 10:00 am] HRDV: Thank you for coming back to me sisi .Am not sure what you mean by judging you but from my general understanding of the word I am not judging you because I am not a judge sweetheart .Am despising your behaviour as seen on video Who told you I was not hurt and never said anything when he said you stole mapants or you mean saying something to you? If so ,why I wrote you is to hear your side pertaining to why you ended up assaulting him.So are you trying to say you assaulted him because he said you stole some pants or what?

[25/07 2:37 pm] Lady Squanda Direct: First of all let mi make something clear.its yu who has proven mi Kuti hapanazvawakataurapandaka mbonzi ndaba pent acho dai pane zvawakutaura or zvawakaita dai ndangozvionaka kukutinyorera message zvawaita izvi but any way hausi judge zveshuwa saka usandi bvunze ka becoz nyangwe ndikakudza haukwanise kundijudger

[25/07 3:10 pm] HRDV: Thank you for coming back to me .Hoping you are doing great .Are you still in South Africa as I heard?

When I wrote to you I made it very clear that I write stories so I only asked you so as for me to write a story after gathering your side of the issue ….and not to judge you because I am not a judge and I never said I am.Briefly the issue why I wrote you is to hear from you about the Skimbo video issue where you kidnapped and assaulted him …and not to hear about what I said about the pants.

You have the right to say no comment if you have no comment or you can even tell me not to bother you if I am.I can just say that in the story.

Then on a new leaf if you want me to hear the pants issue you are free to let me know what happened and if you were treated unfairly by Skimbo I can go and hear his views too and write a story about it too.

[25/07 3:21 pm] Lady Squanda Direct: Just stop texting zvekuramba ndichitypa zvakubhohwa 0774045235 that is my manegers numba for more info.

[25/07 3:33 pm] HRDV: Ok. Thank you sisi.I had stopped texting you until you came back.That’s the way to go at times when people ask you difficult questions.What is your manager’s name so I know how to salute him .What are you afraid of by the way in case I can be of help.

[26/07 9:55 am]  Lady Squanda Direct: Dj sparks ndozitarake

[26/07 10:33 am] HRDV: Thank you sisi.Bless you.I will be back sometime in future to discuss the importance of good reputation in business if you don’t mind.Wishing you all the best.