As members of the public have come forward with information for the abused children , a so called phone repairer has claimed that he saw the culprit , a soldier who came forward to him with his broken phone and forgot that there were some images in the phone which he later shared.However , many people these days are using the same statement to lie about seeing non existant images in broken phones.

After another whatsap user shared the image of the soldier many people immediately said a soldier does not dress like that .The user was contacted by sisi Vee hoping to get informatio about the culprit.The user said he heard from the so called phone repairer.

1466098609135[1]However as efforts to have the culprit arrested mount, after being tracked the phone repairer was contacted and he said he knows nothing about the issue.It has since been established that it was most likely a whatsapp hoax by some users in a group above claiming that  the culprit had been caught . More so some desperate people could be eyeing the financial gains involved and making all efforts to get the pay outs pledged.


A PLEA FOR HELP : Does anyone know about this sad issue wherever it is happening or happened?

I put this plea in the afternoon .It was initially said the children are Zimbabwean.sexual abuse.In one image vakabatiswa chiro chemurume.

US$200 to identify the children leading to the culprit

By Sisi Vee

Fellow Zimbabweans we are desperate to identify the children in the image who are being sexually abused.

For the culprit to be identified we have to identify the children.I am personally offering US$200 to the person who gives me details of the children that will lead us to the details of the culprit .

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Sisi Vee