Sisi vee

We need your help. There is a man called Jacob Mutisi. He is a powerful CIO. He employs students on attachment and then rapes them.

When we try to report he says he will make us fail attachment.

Those that have reported in the past have been failed by Police.

He is a neighbourhood watch and has a Police ID for Milton Park Police Station.

Everytime he gets taken by police his case goes to Milton Park Station, even if reported in Chinhoyi. And then the dockerts go missing.

His company called Hansole Investments operates from his home in Belvedere at number 20 Justice Morton avenue.

He will give you extra work and when you remain behind he rapes you.

He goes around town flashing IDs from CIO, Army and Police. He even flashes his guns in public.

He is being sued for sleeping with someone’s wife and was in the hmetro .I felt I needed to reach out to you after one his employees who now lives in Belgium wrote about him online .

All of what is said there is true. We are scared of what he will do, but we want your help.

Even now he is advertising positions for marketing students on dipleague, but we all know what he will do.

This is his whatsapp number  +263 772 278 161

Please help.


jacob1HRDV then contacted the thug on whatsapp after which the thug ignored further messages from her after being very rough

27/04/2016, 6:03 pm – HRDV: A very good evening to you Mr Mutisi .This is Sisi Vee.Just received some information pertaining to rape cases aligned to yourself is this something you know about?

27/04/2016, 6:18 pm – Jacob Mutisi Townclerk Rapist Thug: Go to the police and report if you were raped.

27/04/2016, 6:26 pm – HRDV: Thank you for replying.I greatly appreciate that you have taken your time to respond.I come in peace my brother .No need to show off .I am here humbling myself as usual so that in future you dont come to me and say I did not consult you yet I always check about such serious issues and people either ignore or give rough responses.I am kindly asking you one more time.Is this something you know about?

27/04/2016, 6:39 pm – HRDV: Are you there my brother?

27/04/2016, 6:58 pm – HRDV: Below are the allegations………..