A Gokwe nurse Madzibaba Jaison Moyo (29) is being accused of raping a 20 year old virgin after meeting at church.In an interview with HRDV today ,  Jaison Moyo said he had nothing to say .

06/04/2016, 3:01 pm – HRDV: Hello my brother how are you?It’s Sisi Vee is it ok for you to talk now?

06/04/2016, 3:03 pm – +263 77 371 4531 : Who is dis sisi vee

06/04/2016, 3:04 pm – +263 77 371 4531 : To tok about wat my sie

06/04/2016, 3:05 pm – HRDV: We dont know each other my brother.I am a human rights defender.I have a case here with me where a 20 year old woman is accusing you of raping.She said she reported the case to the police too.Could this be something you know about?

06/04/2016, 3:18 pm – HRDV: Are you going to respond my brother?

06/04/2016, 3:30 pm – HRDV: Thank you for ignoring me my brother.I will see you when you come back to me seeking clarification and I will ignore you too.My last words to you are , if you raped and you claim to be a man of God a madzibaba I suggest you find it in your heart to do the right thing and admit that you sinned and seek forgiveness as the victim seeks justice.Basically apologise to the victim and prepare yourself for justice.Mhosva hairovi.

06/04/2016, 3:32 pm – +263 77 371 4531 : I have nothing to say

06/04/2016, 3:33 pm – HRDV: Ok my brother.Thank you so much


1459798985741[1]The woman in question also had an interview with HRDV and she explained what happened.She has since provided  She has since reported the rape to the police who she claims the case is being dragged and delayed .

06/04/2016, 1:59 pm – HRDV: Hello ………It’s Sisi Vee how are you.I got your story. So sorry for what happened but it is good that you are breathing today and ready to face the challenge and move on.May you please briefly explain to me how you met him , when , what happened in between and what transpired on the day of the rape.All I am doing now is trying to understand the underlying issues so that I can figure out the assistance you need and what I can do to ensure justice is achieved.

06/04/2016, 2:07 pm – Victim  ……
06/04/2016, 2:07 pm –  Victim……..
06/04/2016, 2:09 pm – HRDV: Thank you.Got the ID
06/04/2016, 2:09 pm – HRDV: Thank you .Got your ID to confirm your name and date of birth.

06/04/2016, 2:11 pm – Victim : Am aged 20 in gokwe north nembudziya ndakadanana na jaison moyo 29 kuchurch toenda tese same church so musi wacho iye he called me kumba kwake ndikaenda musi wa 29 Feb

06/04/2016, 2:15 pm-Victim: He forced himself on me  akandibata ndisingade had never had sex with anyone ma medical affidavit s are there to prove that coz kubva paakandibata till ndareporta I never changed my clothes …and ndakanzi ndidzichengete as evidence kucourt

06/04/2016, 2:17 pm –  Victim : Ndarepota nyaya yangu ndakaita all e processes aidiwa including matests ose handina mimba yake ini

06/04/2016, 2:18 pm –  IMG-20160406-WA0029.jpg (file attached)

06/04/2016, 2:18 pm – Victim: IMG-20160406-WA0030.jpg (file attached)

06/04/2016, 2:19# pm – HRDV: Thank you ……..I’m following.

06/04/2016, 2:21 pm – Victim : Haana kusungwa or anythng 2 weeks after ndareporta takasheedzwa Ku police tose it was on Friday tikanzi court mndy iye akapohwa bubhiro remusungwa chete

06/04/2016, 2:26 pm – HRDV: Ok
06/04/2016, 2:30 pm – HRDV: Did you tell him not to do it?If so what did he say?
06/04/2016, 2:30 pm – Victim : Sunday yacho was told hakuchina court
06/04/2016, 2:31 pm –  Victim: Ndakamuudza iye akaramba achindimanikidza
06/04/2016, 2:31 pm –  Victim : Kwai hazvina basa handi todanana
06/04/2016, 2:31 pm – Victim : But I told him to stop
06/04/2016, 2:33 pm – HRDV: Ok.Did he like force you down or pin you down on the floor ? Did you scream?
06/04/2016, 2:33 pm – Victim : This guy akangwarisa akapa vanhu 200 kuti vauye kumba kwedu kuzondivhundutsira ndiwithdrawe nyaya vanhu vaya didn’t comply.
06/04/2016, 2:33 pm – HRDV: Ok.Did he like force you down or pin you down on the floor ? Did you scream?
06/04/2016, 2:34 pm – Victim : Forced me on e bed Akanditsikirira
06/04/2016, 2:34 pm – HRDV: Did you scream?
06/04/2016, 2:35 pm -Victim : I tried to scream but akandibata mromo

06/04/2016, 2:35 pm –  Victim: Akanditsikirira
06/04/2016, 2:35 pm –  Victim : Achiita zvaamoda

06/04/2016, 2:38 pm – HRDV: Ok. Did he use 1 or 2 hands to close your mouth.Where were your hands when he was closing your mouth? How did he open your legs ?Was he opening your legs and closing your mouth at the same time?

06/04/2016, 2:46 pm – Victim : Paakandiforsa pa bed atsikirira both my hands neruoko rwake muviri wangu akatsikirira newake makumbo angu akatsikirira neake akabvisa pant rangu neruoko rwake and ndamuudza usadaro kwakuforce chinhu chake mandiri using his hand akanfitsikirira still ndakamuudza futi hameno kangani kuti usadaro akaramba achhita I wanted to scream but iye akandivhara mromo akutoita zvaaita after than akapfeka short akakiya door akada

06/04/2016, 2:46 pm – Victim : Akabuda

06/04/2016, 2:47 pm – Victim: Maoko angu ndakazama kumashandisa but hazvina kushanda

06/04/2016, 2:51 pm – HRDV: Ok so he locked you inside the house?
06/04/2016, 2:51 pm – Victim : Aita ssea posseswa
06/04/2016, 2:51 pm – Victim : Eh akabuda
06/04/2016, 2:53 pm – HRDV: Ok .forcing anyone to have sex without them willing to do so is rape.From what you have said he raped you.Thank you so much for explaining to me .Can I please have his phone number .

06/04/2016, 2:54 pm – Victim : 0773714531

06/04/2016, 2:56 pm – Victim: This guy is crazy and haanamoyo achaita everything kukumisai ndozviziva coz anemari + akuti ane lawyer

06/04/2016, 2:57 pm – Victim : My docket no 34/03/16
06/04/2016, 2:58 pm – HRDV: Ok. Thank you so much sweetheart I will be back to you for way forward .Let me see if I can contact him to let him know I am working on the issue.Will be back to you.
06/04/2016, 2:59 pm – Victim : But court yacho ikunetsa ndatozowana help nhasi from midlands office
06/04/2016, 2:59 pm – Victim: Ok
06/04/2016, 2:59 pm –  Victim : Thank you
06/04/2016, 2:59 pm – Victim: God bless you
06/04/2016, 3:00 pm – HRDV: Ok you are welcome. when I come back to you we discuss way forward with court , lawyers , police etc
06/04/2016, 3:00 pm -Victim : OK
06/04/2016, 3:00 pm – Victim  : Thank you
06/04/2016, 3:13 pm – HRDV: I have written him and am waiting for his response.?

The woman has since gone for an HIV and pregnant test both of which were negative

IMG-20160406-WA0029 IMG-20160406-WA0030