From a said victim .
” A ZANUPF thug and dangerous thief Evil Handy Mapira of Edinburgh who is alleged to be knowingly infecting young girls in universities with HIV.The guy is a psycho and uses several names and facebook profiles” Said a victim.
Some of his names are:
1. Benedict Handyleon Mapira
2. Percy Handy leon Mapira
3. Handy Leon Lee Mapira
4. Mapira Handy Leon Music Productions
5. Handy Leon Map
“The guys has infected 3 Kenyan girls and 1 Scottish lass and he is in a habit of pulling them drunk from night clubs where he is always frequenting.He is married with 2 sons and must be exposed so as to save other women from the the sexua abuse . “Added the victim.

Mapira Handy Leon Lee3 Mapira Handy Leon Lee4 Mapira Handy Leon Lee7The dangerous thief is said to be working in cahoots with the woman below .

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