UK based ZANUPF Nyarai Maphosa (nee Chirambaguwa) Alias Nyarai Nyati plots Shepherd Yuda’s downfall: Fakes rape

Nyarai Maphosa (nee Chirambaguwa), whose facebook name is Nyarai Nyati is accused of plotting the downfall of a UK man Shepherd  .In a sizzling narration of events, Shepherd who admitted that he had an affair with Nyarai explained that Nyarai did not tell him that she was married to Levy Maphosa,a school teacher .The Maphosa couple has three children.

Like any other ordinary woman Nyarai would spoil Shepherd with goodies unbeknown to Shepherd that Nyarai was another man’s wife, courtesy of Nyarai’s lies. Shepherd, who has been granted political asylum in Britain used a hidden camera to record vote rigging during a government election in Zimbabwe in 2008 .Since then he became a target of ZANUPF.

Little did Shepherd who helped to expose the rigging of elections in Zimbabwe know that Nyarai had hatched a plan with some ZANUPF big wigs to destroy him. The plan was hatched with the help of one ZANUPF thug Aaron Majinesta Mbudzirume who is based in South Africa. Nyarai is very close to Aaron and it is very common to see such kind of posts as quoted below, on Nyarai’s wall, praising her ZANUPF friend.

Nyarai Nyati “You are my friend Aaron Mbudzillettes Mbudzirume you always there for me mukufara nemumatambudziko, supporting me, encouraging me, listening to me and all those other things that true friends do. Enjoy you day with this unique cake”.

During the period of his affair with Nyarai , Nyarai was studying for a degree in mental health nursing at the University of Teesside in Middlesbrough .A source close to Nyarai confirmed that failed the degree and was awarded  a Diploma of Higher Education in Health and Social Care .Like any other ordinary man Shepherd would drop Nyarai at home , who had lied to her husband that Shepherd was just a college mate .On the fateful day when Shepherd learnt that Nyarai had lied to him about her marital status he had dropped Nyarai at home only to be greeted by Levy ,Nyarai’s husband.

Levy is said to have introduced himself to Shepherd as Nyarai’s husband after which he confirmed to Shepherd that Nyarai had told him that Shepherd was just a college mate. From that point Shepherd dumped Nyarai .

“I dumped Nyarai in 2012 after I had a meeting with the husband. She was then studying mental health nursing at University of Teesside, “said Shepherd in an email .

Nyarai is known for cheating on her husband during her marriage spanning over 15 years. Her infidelity dates back to Zimbabwe when she was involved with many married many such as Elias Mukaiwa, now based in South Africa. She also previously dated a Nigerian guy known as John and a pastor at her church only identified as Kuda. Some of the dates live in the same town of Middlesbrough. When Levy`s younger brother Andrew Maphosa and Nyarai`s friends attempted to stop her, she openly told Levy that it was  payback time. She claimed that Levy had fallen for her friend only identified as Dread Sipho .

Shepherd remembers moments when Nyarai would get out of his moving car and start shouting at him in the street, something he says could have been a good sign for him to know that he was dealing with a psychologically deranged woman and unstable trouble maker .

“As a matter of revenge, in August 2012 after I dumped her, she made a false report to the police that I had stolen her phone. I was arrested and detained for theft. My car was searched and my house was ransacked. Nothing was found”. She later reported that I had raped her “, said Shepherd.

On the other hand pressure on Nyarai‘s side mounted after Levy learnt that she was cheating on him. To prove to her husband that she was not cheating on him, Nyarai hatched a plan and went on to file a rape complaint with the Cleveland Police in Middlesbrough accusing Shepherd of raping him. Shepherd was arrested and detained on 1 March 2013. Police interviewed and released him on police bail pending investigation on (I) Suspicion of Rape (2) harassment without violence .Nyarai claimed that she was raped in May 2013, but made a report a year later.

At that time life turned sour for Shepherd as he was investigated for rape by the police. As the police investigated the rape case Nyarai’s husband was also asked to submit a statement. Nyarai and Shepherd also submitted their statements. Her husband`s statement was similar to Shepherd’s statement and the police did not take further action. Nyarai`s statement was a fiction, full of exaggerations, (typical of a spy in action). Police fully investigated the case and found that she was lying. The case was therefore dropped.

As the proof of the plot to destroy Shepherd thickened, the ZANUPF supporter Nyarai Chirambaguwa- Maphosa alias Nyarai Nyati on facebook, opened a facebook account using the pseudonym Muchineripizano Vegodo to target Yuda and make his life miserable.Some selected screen shots showing some conversations between Nyarai and her friend Netsai Netsy Super are published here.

“She used a pseudonym name but put her photographs. She plotted my downfall with many Zanu PF officials including Constantine Chiwenga and Emmerson Mnangagwa through her links with Aaron Mbudzirume. She even claimed that CIO iri kuita basa” narrated Shepherd.

As if that was not enough, Shepherd explained how in January 2013, Nyarai hacked his facebook account and changed his password. She started sending obscene messages to Shepherd’s relatives and close friends. He later regained control of his account and changed the password.

“She later went on to use her friend`s facebook account to attack me and wrote all sorts of rubbish on my facebook wall, the rubbish that was seen by the whole world and close relatives. Many people phoned to enquire what was going on. I then phoned the owner of the account who was her close friend to let her know. Nyarai then accused me of sleeping with the friend”, narrated Shepherd.

As the circus was going on some nude pictures of Nyarai were released and went viral on Whatsaap. This could have been a deliberate move by her, in association with La Presado also known as De Dande or Mutsvene, who claims to be a ZANUPF CIO. Mugabe is said to have tasked him to ensure that Shepherd is deported from the UK.

After Shepherd’s arrest, Nyarai went to Zimbabwe perhaps to receive her dues from the ZANUPF Junta. She is also said to have visited a traditional healer to hatch a plan to kill Shepherd, but unfortunately nothing materialised.Nyarai and her friends started posting many things on facebook pretending to be Shepherd’s wife .Some of her conversations with her friend Netsay poking fun at Shepherd’s wife are posted below.

Nyarai Chirambaguwa aka Muchineripizano Vegodo is seen here bragging about the report police report and verbally attacking the ex-boyfriend.