Image : Stuck on tree

Shame .The boy was stuck struggling inside as efforts to rescue him were proving to be fruitless.  

Video : Musvorologist sex doll

Those who do musvo with sex dolls most likely do musvo with dead bodies @ sisi Vee Thought I was the only one with that feeling . Paid Jan18: Haaaa sis inini am not in support of those sex dolls.but to be honest women have to be considerate and stop being jealous of those because paane zvidhori vaakuti we...

Video : Man caught red handed raping sex doll

1 Gr7 : Sisi how are u? 1 Gr7 : Nyaya yema sex dolls iyi has caught my interest mufunge. Ini hangu i think purchasing a doll is rather extreme but kana ari ma sex toys andiwone chakaipa ?????? I know u are against this sisi but in a world full of zvirwere is it not better for a sex...

Video : Man struggling with penis in train

Could be sickie VIDEO 3  

Video : Tilda Moyo and the man with a folded penis

About two weeks ago the man with a folded penis is said to have been sorted by a madzibaba Steven after he cheated his wife.So he appeared with Tilda in Star FM studios to show his folded penis.Meanwhile Tilda has been accused of faking miracles with prophets. Beee17 : hesi tete makadii . Nyaya yaTilda ifake yoga yoga ....

Video: Doing musvo on statue


Video :Musvo woman in the thick of it

Said to have been sorted after snatching someone's husband VIDEO

Video : Man raping car


Images : Machende enguruve served with salad and rice

  My dear sister there and baby admin. She enjoys a plate of machende enguruve every month. She just likes them. Admin 1 Gr7 : Sisi Vee its going to be a gloomy christmas. Mmmm zvakaoma henyu. Mazai nhasi ndaenda ndichida kumatenga kuMbare anowanzoita $4.90 today they were $7. Zai harichadyika. Zvese zvakwira mufunge. Sisi Vee: Hey sisi zvakaoma. KuSpar...

Bees arrest Uganda thief

Said to be Masindi town in Uganda. A man stole woofers and the bees were sent to arrest him. He is seen returning them accompanied by the bees .A few weeks ago another thieving man was seen in a video covered by bees on his hand.  

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