Video : Still thinking women are born to be sex objects

" Shame ....and to think that in this day and age some women are still thinking like that boogles the mind. Zvinotosiririsa. Mukore uno wesmart phone still thinking women are born to be sex objects who sexually please men and not sexually please each other.So sad .It's not supposed to be one sided. It's a two way process.It's not...

Video :Their minds are infested with between the legs and buttocks issues

"I bet for many whenever they pelamborate ndozvinondofungwa.They don't think outside the box at all .Their minds are infested with between the legs and buttocks issues. Overly sexualised behaviour is not only a concern for children .It is also a concern for adults who harbour such tendencies. Concerning sexualised behaviour is whereby the behaviour appears to be outside the norm.Izvo...

Video : When you think you are not dumb

....yet you are very dumb.Shame VIDEO  

Video : Woman facing it

The text accompanying the video is saying , "What a sad day in heaven!! See what children and their friends did to their own mother today after a pastor told them that she is a Confirmed Witch and the reason they are not prospering!😥😢God have mercy!! Their own mother? She didn't kill them when they were helpless little babies in...

Video : Musvo woman at it

Now the norm in Zimbabwe   VIDEO

Video: The testimony gone bad

She was cut off VIDEO

Video : Shame Kedha

  "Shame .Looks like dzatodambuka after losing his mother last year or so.I heard he was very close to her .Zvinosiririsa.Just wondering kuti mukadzi wake haasi kuona ere kuti he most likely needs psychological help and not such kind of stunts. Kana kuti imbanje ? To imagine that this is a mature man shooting such a video boggles my mind.Really sad....

Video : Mudhara benzi

Video : 213: how are you sisi vee 213: seasons greetings ... this is typical of the old that we have in our societies and through this how can we expect we the youths to be morally sound when we have these type of elders Sisi Vee: Ndizvowo muri sei .what an idiot .no wonder society yaora ehe.The...

Video : The burning truck

Said to be in Mozambique VIDEO

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