Cheating Stars

Cheating Stars

Video : Musvo Mpho Mupi battered for sexing married woman

Mpho Mupi was caught doing musvo with a married woman and they beat him up " Kekekekekeke an adult going through this because of musvo.So embarassing. People need to stop thinking that life is all about musvo.That's why our nations are lagging behind too.Time that should be used to think about other things to progress ourselves and our nations is...

Now National Democratic Party womaniser and conartist Joelson Mugari in musvo scandal

*Part 1* : As once  African Democratic Party (ADP) Joelson Mugari ,  who was fired from ADP  contacts musvozimbabwe Joelson Mugari ADP: Hi, my brother Joelson Mugari ADP: I am Mugari Joelson Mugari ADP: I think someone misinformed you guys am not married. Sisi Vee: Hello Mr Mugari .I hope I find you well.Thank you very much for getting...

Video : Said to be in Gokwe madzibaba wefake caught sexing someone’s wife .

  " Shame .Iri nyaya yemusvo .As if single women are finished " Said sisi Vee. VIDEO

As cheating Andrew Kashiri looks for a girlfriend

"Mukore uno wesmart phone amwe achikutuka ana mai awo kuti mvana .Kusara chaiko kekekekekeke seka hako wasu .Even gudo rinoseka udofo hwakadai kuona mai akakubara sechiro. Muchakasara " Said sisi Vee

Married lawyer Edmore Jori crashes chasing girlfriend Michelle Kawome

It's not Zanupf Joram Gumbo dead in accident it's said to be a cheating husband Edmore Jori.The images of the car accident reached musvozimbabwe whatsapp groups today as they went viral on the platform now well known for spreading fake news by some Zimbabweans . " Now I understand why our readers and supporters etc are always saying musvozimbabwe news...

Jah Prayzah’s married monya Chrispen Nyemba rented a room for the late girl Christa Mwanza

  After investigations having received her photo yesterday , sisi Vee has established from some close relatives that the womaniser Nyemba was actually renting a room for Christa. His BMW which was seen overspeeding by a witness was involved in a deadly crash that killed Nyemba , Christa who was with Nyemba in front and another man who was sitting with...

Images : The couple that got stuck

Blabbermouth saying a couple got stuck while doing musvo " Yava batai batai mumusha weWaterfalls muna Masocha pasangano re Johanne masowe echishanu panotungamirwa namadzibaba bhenji vechidiki .Eunice Madhambure ane makore 24 ekuberekwa akaenda pasowe iro riri muwarterfalls achida kubvunzira kwaive nemurume wake Sydney Mare aive nemazuva asiri kurara pamba ndopaataurirwa namadzibaba bhenji kunzi murume wako ari mulodge muroom 12 .Mukadzi...

Video : Said to be Cameroon pastor caught red handed threesoming

Said to be a pastor in Cameroon who was caught red handed threesoming with two married women from his church " Zvakaoma . Why musvo is so overrated boggles my mind. I don't think I will ever understand why some people can't just engage in better activities. This musvo business is overrated for sure .Zviro zvekuti even imbwa can do...

As Shallom Mandiyanike and married Munyaradzi Mashonganyika exchange their musvos

  Shallom Mandiyanike has been accused of abusing young guys .Now he is now using a different name and also changed his number .He is sending his musvos to a married man Munyaradzi Mashonganyika. Both Munyaradzi Mashonganyika and Shallom are members of the United Methodist church Cape town. Shallom Mandiyanike once broke a record for going out with Andrew Phiri.

Video : Caught red handed cheating

Shame .All because of musvo ....??

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